Qüero came to life in NYC on May 19.  Leave it to New Yorkers to take something good and make it extraordinary.  Honestly we thought we would get our name quietly out there. However, New York had something else in mind. Thank you New York!

You inspired us all along. Our shoes are named after you. We would not not have it any other way.


At our design center in the PopUp customers were able try on our shoes and then design their own. They were not limited to a large selection of Italian and French leather and suede. Your choices go beyond that.  You can choose a pointy toe,  for a more Italian style shoe or a rounded tip for a more traditional English design.  Four different kinds of soles,  three kinds of shoe linings. Have your say on whether you would like a cap toe or not. We offer a”flower” stitch detail on the toe if you so desire.  Heel, no heel,  blake or Goodyear construction.  The possibilities are endless and each shoe offers 1 to 7 areas were different leather or suede can be applied.

We also curated a Qüero collection. Three styles for every model in case you don’t want to design your own shoe.  All of the curated models were in the Pop-up for customers to look at and try on.  Allowing them to visualize their choices.  About a handful of costumers went with the curated collection. A few hundred sat and designed incredible shoes. It was kids in a candy store, men and women.  Next day many were back. They wanted to make another pair of shoes or brought their friends in to show them their new find.  All four of us were there to guide them and help them try on shoes.  Some got to try on our new app and really saw the future.


We met some amazing new Qüero followers. We were lucky to have fashion and design bloggers come in to design fabulous shoes and give their views on the new kid on the block.

The most frequently asked question was why no one had done this before.  We don’t know.  It is easier to just make stock of shoes and let everyone buy the same shoes in different color and sizes. However there is no “you” in that equation. We are putting the custumer front and center and offering a very high quality handcrafted shoe designed by you, at a fraction of the price. Our custumers were able to talk to us about the brand, our vision and meet the fabulous web master extraordinaire Tamara Olson who was crazy enough to design our website to meet all the intricate specifications and more.  We don’t remember Tamara ever saying, “that is not possible.”  She would always say “yes, that is going to take a little work.” She is the boss. Our beautiful Sophia Gall one day out of college on the day we launched was the most graceful being under pressure.

We had a very busy evenings.  On a particular day and all of us were running up and down trying to get shoes and going back and forth to the design center.  I had two great customers. One had been there the day before and was designing a second pair of shoes.  He owned a company a few blocks over from us.  My other costumer was a young man that worked at the parking garage on sixth avenue.  Both were listening to each other and  sharing their ideas and insight on designing their new Qüero shoes.  In that moment the 2 year work and effort  felt worthwhile. This shoes are for everyone. We take pride in that.

It was great to see our friends and new faces come in to see what we’ve been working on for the best of two years.  This was the first time we shared  our brand and vision publicly.  New York got it right away.  We thank you for your support and it only propels us  to move forward.


Monica, Randy  Alvaro & Eugenio

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