Made to order shoes used to be an exclusively male option. But, why should men have all the fun in custom footwear? In the great tradition of italian footwear, handmade shoes used to come only in styles that men would wear. Can Quero be for women as well? Of course! Now Quero Handmade Shoes offers women’s styles that are custom made just for them. Handmade in Spain by the finest craftsmen who take into account exactly what you want in a shoe is a luxury that you can afford. Treat yourself to a pair of shoes you are going to want to wear. You know you have tons of shoes casually thrown in the back of your closet that you never wear. It won’t be like that with your treasured Queros–they will quickly become one of your favorite pairs to wear.


Take Your Style To The Next Level


Buying off the rack is fine for a pair of shoes that you only occasionally wear. Having the right style, that is comfortable is so important. This is especially true if you live in a city where you do a lot of walking to work, or just around town. New Yorkers are going to love wearing our shoes since they are so much more comfortable than the average shoe you are going to purchase at your local department store. Take your style to the next level by having a women’s shoe that is going to get you noticed, and let’s you walk comfortably anywhere you want to go.


How The Technology Works


With our special mobile app, we use a bit of technology to custom make your shoes. You will get the right fit using our 3D scanning system to accurately get the exact measurement of the angles of your foot. That way for someone with an extremely narrow, or a wide foot will get the perfect fit. Then you just pick out the rest of the elements of the shoes, and we’ll ship them to you for 100 percent satisfaction. Don’t you want leather that is sourced from the finest leather houses around the world? These are shoes that are made to last. You’ll find a love for your new Quero Shoes that you never knew existed. We know women love their shoes, but you will fall head over heels for your Queros.