Most shoes today are made in far-flung factories with low wages, poor conditions, and workers that barely know what quality looks like.  Brands that rose to prominence due to their high quality have fallen far in the quest to improve profits.  Shoes that look good out of the box look worn and tired after 4-6 months of use (maybe it's intentional so you buy more...). 

We sought to change that.  Find the best factories that use age-old methods of shoemaking, and teams of artisans who have passed on the tradition for generations.  A passion for details.  Commitment to making shoes that start beautiful and stay that way for years and decades.

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Soft, resistant leathers that maintain their shape and look.  Beautiful dyes that provide rich and pleasing colors.  Suedes that stand up to water and dirt and clean easily with a brushstroke.  Patterns and shiny finishes to provide a fashion edge.  

Our leathers come from the best suppliers, the majority from Italy, France and Spain where the tradition of tanning goes back centuries.

We carefully select each material for our shoes and allow you to select from over 31 choices for made-to-order.


1. Cut leather/s for shoe pattern
2. Sew pieces together and attach calfskin lining
3. Create the shape (leather and last together for 24 hours)
4. Affix the sole, insole and other details
5. Finish and polish

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Bologna Construction

The Madison Glove line is exclusively made in this unique, infrequently used construction, that yields a flexible, comfortable shoes that requires no break-in and stay beautiful for years.  As comfortable as a glove, but with enough support to walk miles.

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Out of the box, this shoe moves with your foot so that you never tire and take them off!  Unlike unconstucted driver and similar shoes, the Bologna construction provides amazing support that help your back and hips and making walking, and running, a breeze.


All our insoles are of the softest materials that cushion your walk and take the wear out of your daily stroll.  We continue to seek out more and more absorbent and cushioning materials to help protect your most important asset, your feet!

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See what they said...

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Cristian. C 

Madison Black Leather

The Bologna construction makes this loafer incredibly flexible. The comfort is second to none.

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John T.

Hudson Black Leather

Tried a pair at the “pop up” store on Madison Avenue in New York, liked the fit, put in an order and got the shoes in two days. They’re the first pair of shoes that feel truly comfortable for my feet. The inner sole feels firm but soft. This is apparently from the layer of cork that forms the bed and allows the insole to conform to the bottom of the foot. The shop person said all the shoe models in the company use the same last (foot mold), so I think my next pair will be from Quero, too!

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Howard J.R

Hudson Grey Suede

They were super comfortable from the moment I slipped them on. I'm always afraid that new shoes without wearing socks will rub & create a blister on the back of my feet - not so with these. I like that the upper buckle is attached with elastic which makes them very easy to slip on without a any work or trouble. I received many compliments on my shoes from the ladies.

Frequently Asked Question

What sizes do you make?
How do you hand-make shoes of this quality, made to fit perfectly, at these prices?
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