Many shoemakers define Goodyear welting as the best stitching for shoes in the world. Others say that a shoe without Goodyear welting is no shoe a tall. It takes rigor, fine craftmanship and sheer audacity to add this construction all with in the small space provided between the sole and the shoe.

Why GoodYear?

Goodyear welting is characterized by a unique process.. The procees really begins the moment the shoe is taken off the last and the sole is applied. This is the beginning of the welting process.



The outstanding double stitching of the sole and shoe with the layer
of cork in between the shoe and the sole give it its resilient capacity.

Temperature control

The layer of cork that is applied before attaching the sole adds an elements of temperature control. So it will actually cools the shoe in the Summer and warm is up in the winter.

Footprint Memory

The combination of the layer of cork and the hergonomic insole capture the shape of your foot . With repeat use you foot will sit in the sole and not move.


Goodyear construction ultimately gives the foot a more flexible step and t ultimate comfort.