There’s a world of difference between ready-to-wear and made-to-order (MTO) shoes. Ready-to-wear are convenient to find, try on, and purchase, but they don’t offer much more than that. You, as the customer, are stuck buying whatever the latest fashion trends dictate, and you’re not always able to find the perfect shoe. These shoes also suffer from the use of cheap materials and poor construction which means you’ll be replacing them frequently. Walk away from the use of shoes that wind up in the garbage can sooner than later and take the step into MTO footwear to enter a world of fit and comfort you’ll never be able to find anywhere else.

All shoes, no matter if they’re handmade or mass-produced, use similar techniques for their construction. Lasts, which are best described as an analog for the foot, provide the form that the shoe is shaped around during its construction. The body of the shoe stays on the last from start to finish as each step is begun and completed. The difference between handmade shoes and mass-produced is the fact that there is a set of eyes on the shoes at all times. What this means is that there is someone who makes sure that quality standards are maintained, the shoe gets made according to the customer’s personal specifications, and that all mistakes are corrected before the shoe ever leaves the factory. But this is just part of what makes Italian footwear famous for its fine craftsmanship.

Mass-produced footwear suffers from the fact they’re made through purely mechanical means. Quality control is low, no one pays much attention to flaws in leather hides, low-grade materials are omnipresent, and a majority of the shoe is manufactured using glue to hold the upper to the sole. Ever had a pair of shoes separate from the sole? The culprit is the glue failing to hold and causing the shoes to get thrown in the trash as a result.

A MTO pair of Spanish footwear is nothing like a mass-produced pair of shoes. Each pair of made-to-order shoes is unique having been made to your specifications. You have the option to select the type of leather, color and design of the shoe that’s to be created. The selection is accompanied by a scan of the feet for the most accurate fit possible. Once the final decisions are made by you and the design is signed off on, the production begins on a pair of shoes that are unlike any other in the world. In earlier times, MTO or bespoke footwear was financially inaccessible to most and virtually unknown to women at all.  Quero Handmade Shoes makes shoes that are beautiful but also “made for walking,” a point that men and women who have worn uncomfortable shoes for years will appreciate.

The making of a pair of made-to-order shoes starts with the pattern. A pattern is made from your design and traced onto leather. But not just any leather; only the best quality hides are used. The craftsman who lays out the pattern takes special care to avoid weak spots and marks in the leather hide for the best possible presentation. The pattern pieces get cut out, then stitched together by hand. Now the pieces become an upper which then get put onto the last that closely matches the shape of the customers foot. The upper is formed to the last and stitched to the sole, ensuring that both parts stay together for the life of the shoe. All of this results in a shoe that lasts for years, is comfortable, and provides excellent support to the wearer.

Come see what we can do at Quero Handmade Shoes. We make shoes for our customers that outlast anything they can find in the stores. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure that they get a shoe that is comfortable, handsome, and durable.