The shoes make the outfit; hand-made leather shoes are far more than a simple addition. To transform your casual-wear into a kicking and classy look, you’ll need to lace-up a quality pair. A lot of modern fashion transcends formal attire, and your look can be re-energized with a few, simple touch-ups.

We’re not talking about redesigning your entire wardrobe. We’re talking about morphing your everyday casual attire into a collection of refined outfits. Even if you can’t afford a high-class closet, you can still inspire onlookers with a pair of well-maintained leather shoes. Take the following tips to heart, and redesign your look from the bottom up:

Tip One: Jam with Light-Colored Jean Alternatives

Men’s fashion is about practicality. Your handmade leather shoes will work with jeans, but they’ll alter your entire look when paired with earth-toned slacks. Aim for cotton-based pants, and try out a pair of colored corduroys. You’ll be surprised by how far you can stretch a leather-shoe-based look. Remember, however, to keep the pants light in color. Dark pants overpower leather shoes, taking away their stylistic implementations. If you do want to add something dark, go with contrast-stitched jeans.

Tip Two: Sport a Long-Sleeved Shirt

Your shirt, too, should be light in color to make the shoes shine. That said, you don’t need to get totally formal. Instead, wear a lightweight long-sleeve shirt to exemplify your look’s casual aspects. In doing so, you’ll highlight your handmade shoes as a centerpiece. Wandering eyes will be drawn to your shoes, denoting them as your style’s chief component.

Tip Three: Pull it Together with a Tailored Blazer

If you want to toe the line between casual and formal, settle for a tailored blazer. Don’t worry: You can still work a blazer over a shirt and slacks. In fact, a tailored blazer complements Italian leather nicely. Make sure your blazer is Italian-cut and get a product with a relaxed construction. You won’t be disappointed.

Tip Four: Match the Belt to Buckle Down

At some point, you’ll need to tie together your look’s shoes. To do so, purchase a belt matching your handmade shoe’s style. If your look is clean, pressed and totally free of wrinkles, your belt will draw attention. Even in casual wear, a good-looking leather belt will highlight your shoes as an important outfit component. While a minor component, a belt is certainly worth its weight in leather

Tip Five: Tidy Up with an Imported Silk Tie

If you’re struggling to pull off the pro-casual look, wearing a tie might be in order. While ties are formal, they can be dressed down, and incorporated into business casual looks. That said, your handmade leather shoes can be best complemented by a colorful silk tie. Every gentleman knows that silk ties texturize an overall look, and they benefit the handmade-shoe-wearer well.

Over time, your look will evolve. If you’re on the run, and if you’re focusing on a classy casual look, the above tips will bind your style into a nice, neat customized package.