The shoe factory. A different place. Where artisans practice their craft.

Our shoes are made in a classic style building in Albacete, Spain. Over a century old, the structure is still marked by the original colors it was painted. Here, over 60 artisans work under the supervision of Antonio and Juan Carlos, the owners, who have been making shoes their entire lives. The artisans have been dedicated to the craft 20-30 years, but in their families there are many generations of shoemakers. They pass on the skills from parents to future generations with nearly a hundred years of shoemaking the principal reason behind the quality they can produce.

How did we find them?

We set a very high standard we when we went looking for a suitable place to make our shoes. Spain is known as a leader globally in shoe production. But we wanted to find a place that would be able to make our shoes to the highest standards of quality, a luxury product we could offer to the market at everyday prices. After visiting over a hundred factories, we found our perfect match with the combination of quality and personal attention of the owners when we met Antonio y Juan Carlos and saw what their team of artisans could make. Once we made the decision, we joined forces to make it possible to not only get the highest quality shoes, but also ones you could design yourself.

Why does it take 4-6 weeks for made-to-order shoes (not ready-to-wear)

Any well-made product takes care and time. We started with 12 weeks and have been able to reduce the time significantly without sacrificing quality. Each pair is make one-by-one by our artisans. As each shoe is unique, it takes more time than a standardized production but the extra time shows up in the quality of each pair.

Even artisans take a break

We hire people who have amazing skills and work hard, but also pay them a living wage and yes, they do get well-deserved vacations. We will advise you in advance of those periods, mostly in August and late December/early January, but there are also holidays for local saints that are for the town or area. Of course, this only impacts made-to-order shoes, not ready-to-wear.