Spicing up your style needn’t be a season-specific deal, but different leathers work in different atmospheres. Your style is sophisticated, and it deserves the perfect pair of shoes. Spend your money on shoes you’ll remember, and select the right leather right out of the gate. For years, handmade Italian leather shoes have sprinkled men’s attire with exoticism. Now, the industry incorporates function and feeling alike.

Your custom-made shoe can enhance your season-ware. Below, we give the rundown every style junkie needs. Get focused, get organized and streamline your style for the modern fashion world’s seasonal hits:

For the Spring: Corrected Grain for Style

Corrected grain leather buffs out imperfections. In handmade shoes, corrected grain styles carry little inconsistencies, making for a perfect springtime addition. If you’re sporting pastel, a nice blazer or a cool, slim outfit, corrected grain is your friend.

Why? Because such leather, regularly used for dying, meshes well with light, springtime colors. It hides scars, imperfections, and artificial aspects. You’re going for a new-year style, here, and your wardrobe could use a high-quality pair of shoes dedicated to “pulling the look together.” Springtime is all about loose, casual style. Pull your belt, wallet and watch together with corrected grain. You can’t go wrong.

For the Summer: Perforations for Perfection

In recent years, summertime looks have caught up with wintertime selections. Men’s leather shoes are jamming with perforations—and perforations are quickly becoming a preferred summertime look.

Really, custom-designed and perforated footwear is a summer must-have. They breathe, they add sheen and they work well with late-spring pastel wardrobes. Regardless of the year’s trends, perforated styles dominate in summer. Take out the nuances of basic Italian styles, and cut up your look a little. If you’re going perforated, you’re making the right decision.

For the Fall: A Touch of Casual with Slip-Ons

Slip-ons aren’t out of style. Not yet, at least. High quality, nice looking Italian slip-ons are still out there, and a thick-cut style does wonders for burly fall fashion. In 2016, the modern lumber look is in, and slip-ons mesh style with practicality rather well.

In fact, Italian leather slip-ons are transitional in the cold months. Your style, whether it’s denim, plaid or something more formal, can utilize the slip-on look far into winter. Sure, they’re more relevant in fall, but they’re a highly active look across the board.


For the Winter: Get Tight with Wingtip Brogues

Brogues are a winter necessity. They tie in most looks, and they’re as adaptive as fall-wear. Italian wingtip brogues, while a little flashy on the high-fashion end, are still low-key in everyday fashion lines. Contrast your socks, and make sure they’re thick. Polish your brogues well, and your look will be in top condition. Brogues transcend most cultures, and they capably attribute flashiness to most styles without creating an over-the-top look. Go for contrasting colors with your outfit, too, and always aim for a mesh between light and dark.

Remember: You define your style. A lot of custom-made Italian footwear is wearable out of season. Specific styles, however, work well with certain seasonal favorites. If you’re going formal, choose formal. If you’re going practical, enhance your look. Keep your shoes shined, and touch them up every once and a while. If you’re laced up, you’re ready to go. Seasonal class takes time to take control of, but it’s worthwhile to master. Your 2016 gentleman’s look is here, and it’s ready to be morphed to the hottest trends sweeping the fashion world.