Before Geraldine Stutz was the President of the upscale New York clothing store Henri Bendel, she ran I. Miller Shoes, and wrote astute articles on shoes for Glamour Magazine.  Geraldine had a sharp eye for fashion and a way with words: when a reporter asked her, “What is the difference between mere fashion and true style?” she replied, “Fashion says ‘me too’, and style says, ‘only me’.”  Style is best expressed when we have the greatest measure of control over what we wear and how we wear it: when we are free to present ourselves to the world precisely as we wish.

It’s no wonder, then, that brands with the ability to offer many choices and a more bespoke-style experience are on the rise.  The emphasis on personalization is clear, in everything from food services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron to fashion advisors like Stitch Fix: more and more people are experiencing the fulfillment of a product or service that has been specially chosen for them.

Quero handmade shoes bring the freedom of fashion expression together with an old-world sensibility and cutting-edge technology in order to deliver a shoe that fits and flatters.  The customer designs his or her shoe from the ground up, with the ability to choose from a near-endless repository of colors, fabrics, and designs.  The end product is not only beautiful, but one-of-a-kind.

Quero uses locally-sourced leather from their headquarters in Spain, supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint engendered by importation.  The leather comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes and textures, including suede and patent leather, as well as embossed and patterned materials.  Different colors, finishes and textures can be chosen for the heel, toe, and upper, allowing mixing and matching of different tones for a unique look.  The result is a shoe that is as traditional or edgy, comfortable and fashion-forward, built for strolling around the farmer’s market or the catwalk: in short, the shoe is what the customer makes of it.

Made to measure shoes are closer to the bespoke tradition than ever before, through the use of cutting-edge technology.  Quero creates a 3-D scan of the customer’s foot in order to produce a shoe that fits perfectly, and they keep these measurements on file to make future orders even easier.
After the shoe has been designed by the customer, and the customer’s foot has been scanned to ensure fit, Quero’s artisans begin the process of hand-making these luxury shoes to order.  Their training and attention to detail are part of what makes Quero shoes unique and highly valued.

It’s a refreshing and fulfilling experience to create something that is ‘only you’.  Get started designing your shoe with Quero Handmade Shoes, and create something beautiful.