The four of us came from different backgrounds: Spain, New York via California,  Colombia via New York and with four widely different skill sets: corporate business, entrepreneurs, creative and medical backgrounds. All four non-conformist had the sense that the shoe industry was not presenting an ideal way to customize a,  handmade shoe for both men and women. Those who did mostly catered to men and the the prices were so high most people were missing out on the possibility of having a handmade shoe. The beauty of of a old tradition lost on the very few who could afford it.

The technology was not there either. To measure your true size you would have someone measure you at a store. For the last 100 years little has changed. We had a strong feeling the process of buying  handmade shoes should be personal and fun and the shoe that you end up getting should feel like its yours and yours alone, not one of a line of shoes that you and your foot have to conform to.  We set out to create something we honestly wish existed. Disrupting what we considered an antiquated way to buy shoes and offering it at a fraction of the cost so that the beauty of fine leather and the centuries old craft would be available to most. Moving away from the old Storefront model and into online commerce supported by pop up stores in different cities. Our model is set to reduce the distance between you and the artisans that are meticulously making your shoes.

As we launch QueroShoes we feel that we are selling more than a beautiful pair of shoes. We are democratizing a centuries old tradition and including you in the process. These are your shoes.