If you know a little bit about how shoes are made, then you understand how they are constructed. There are three main ways to put together handmade shoes: cemented, Blake, and Goodyear stitching. Most factory made shoes are just cemented together, because it’s an inexpensive way to construct a shoe. So let’s focus on Blake and Goodyear stitching. It’s all about how the sole is attached to the upper portion of the shoe. How can you tell which shoe person you are? Here’s how to tell the difference between each stitch for handmade shoes in the tradition of made-to-order footwear using only the absolute best leather.


The Blake Stitching


This is a more subtle style of stitching because it’s done on the inside of the shoe. A bit more flexible and lighter than the Goodyear in nature. So if you prefer a softer style of shoe that has a little more give, you are going to enjoy the Blake welting method. It’s just a single interior stitch that attaches the shoe’s sole to the upper portion of the shoe.

This type of shoe is easier to repair if the sole wears out or gets damaged. With as well made as Quero Shoes are, you don’t have to worry about the soles wearing out. They should last the duration of your shoes’ lifetime. If you are going to walk a lot in your shoes, you might want to choose Blake stitching for a more sporty feel to the shoe.


The Goodyear Stitching


Goodyear is a stitch that is on the outside of the shoe to attach the sole to the upper leather portion. It’s a great bit of detailing that many people enjoy for the style aesthetic alone. If you enjoy a slightly fancier pair of shoes you are going to be a Goodyear person. This is a very durable way to make a shoe, so these are going to be very sturdy for you. They will last, and are a little more rigid in nature than the Blake.

Keep in mind that if you enjoy a less flexible shoe, the Goodyear is preferred. The type of stitch that is used is a lockstitch, which is specific to thread for leather so that it won’t snap or come undone at any part of the shoe. It’s amazing to think that this old style of stitching shoes together can still be done by our exceptional shoe makers at Quero.

So Which One Are You?


If you still don’t exactly know which one you prefer, the great thing is that Quero Shoes are so affordable you can get some of each style to have in your wardrobe. Talk to us today about the level of craftsmanship that goes into each style of our shoes. That way you’ll have a better idea of what stiching you would like for your first pair of Quero Shoes, spanish footwear that is the best custom made quality of anywhere in the world.