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Our Story

Qüero Shoes started with the simple belief that great quality, handmade shoes shouldn’t cost a fortune.

It turns out that on both sides of the Atlantic, the founders were on similar paths. Uge and Alvaro were working on the direct to factory model, cutting out the middlemen and letting people customize their own shoes. One American, Randy, and a Colombian-American, Monica (married) were visiting Madrid and looking for shoes made by Spanish artisans, which they found to be very expensive and didn’t give them the ability to change the designs.

Monica and Randy, after a chance meeting with Alvaro and Uge, realized that the direct-to-factory at great prices model that was already taking off in the US (Warby Parker, Harry’s and the like) should extend to quality, handmade shoes, and they agreed to marry old world craftsmanship with new world tech and a global audience of consumers.

Of course this would require having the best quality possible, so they researched and visited factories across Spain and only found one that met their stringent conditions, in Almansa, south of Madrid. Then they filled out their products offering, combining classic styling with fashion-forward designs for men and women. They wanted shoes that look great, and are comfortable enough to take on the walking styles in places like NYC and Madrid, their respective homes. Go from business to drinks out, cafes to weddings, and dress up any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Lastly, they built a website to showcase the beautiful models, and allow customers to both create their own designs and also, for the less patient, get their shoes in a few days. The final touch for an online company was to break the sizing barrier. Shoes and the internet have always had their challenges, but with a sizing app that measures your feet exactly with 3 photos, the story was complete.

Quero Shoes was created so that looking great and being comfortable don’t have to drain your wallet. The founders are dedicated to keeping that promise and becoming the favorite shoes in your closet and on your feet.


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