In today’s increasingly casual world, more and more men are wearing hoodies to work with sneakers. It’s not a look that our ancestors would approve of at all. There is a certain mystery about dressing well nowadays. It takes effort to incorporate the right style into your wardrobe. An old concert t-shirt isn’t going to get you very far in a meeting or in life.

Think about what you wear as your calling card, your way to make an impression on the world, and above all dressing well will get you noticed. Whether it’s that important promotion you are after, or you are trying to catch the eye of a certain someone, dressing well matters. There are 5 essentials that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe. Making these a part of your lifestyle will show everyone that you are ready for anything that comes your way.

A Great Suit

This isn’t something you buy off the rack at your local department store. Think handmade by an exceptional tailor who is going to take into account exactly what you want in a suit. It will be customized to your body. A suit you will wear for decades. It can be blue or charcoal, but try to stay away from black. You don’t want to look like an undertaker.

Crisp, White Shirts

These will also benefit from being made to order. A properly fitted white button up shirt is going to be a staple in your wardrobe. You’ll wear one practically every day, so make sure it’s the exact right fit for you. The ideal white shirt will never go out of style. So many men are careless with this clothing option. The shirts gape at the neck, have sleeves that are too long, or they don’t tuck-in correctly. Skip all this nonsense by ordering multiples of the same MTO shirt. It’s just that easy.

The Perfect Timepiece

This might seem a tad outdated since everyone carries a smartphone now. Wearing a great timepiece is a little old school, but it will prevent you from having to constantly be checking your phone for the time. It makes a better impression at a business meeting, or even on a dinner date. It shows that you pay attention to details.

A Tailored Coat

So many men don’t have a good, tailored trench coat to wear in bad weather. This is going to tie your entire style together, so you look like a professional. People will take a man seriously who is wearing a terrific coat.

Custom Designed Shoes

Handmade shoes might seem like a luxury, but it’s one that you should aspire to own. Quero Shoes are the ultimate in bespoke footwear with detailing that is second to none. We are a Spanish footwear company in the tradition of great Italian footwear. In your wardrobe having the perfect footwear is going to complete your look.

At Quero Handmade Shoes, we have perfected the art of an old way of making shoes, and a new way to buy them.  Visit our website today to find out how to design your own Quero Shoes that are stylish, affordable, and custom designed just for you.