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First we find the leather that you have specifically requested for each pair of shoes. They are sourced from the best tanners in Italy, France and Spain who have hundreds of years preparing the best quality leathers.

Some shoes have several sections so this could be suede and leather or any combination.  Once we have the leather, the artisans cut it exactly for each section of the shoe.  As each pair is made individually, careful attention has to be made to the leathers and style chosen.


Once the leather is cut, the pieces need to be carefully sewn together to construct the body of the shoe.  This is done by hand with care to join the pieces perfectly.  A lining may also be added in this step.


The lasts are those funny shoe shaped molds that are unique for each design.  They give the shoe its unique shape.  The sewn leather is molded around the last so that it takes the form that the shoe will ultimately have.

Sewing the Sole

With the leather on the last, the sole is sewn to the upper to finish the last step in completing the shoe.  There are two types of construction of the final shoe.  The Blake style is lighter and more pliable, and Goodyear style (sometimes referred to as Goodyear welted) is thicker and more rigid but resilient.

Getting it to you.

As your shoes are in Spain and you are not, we have to send your individually made pair to your home.  Any problems, contact us and if it’s not right, you can return them (see the generous return policy).  We want to make sure that after your first pair of perfect shoes you will have no need to shop for shoes anywhere else!

Enjoy your shoes!

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